We are delighted to have the opportunity to introduce 3'C BRIDGE to you as well as bring your attention to our products. Founded in 1992, 3'C BRIDGE is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of computer peripherals, specialising in SCSI field-i ncludes DATA Storage ,Rack optimized enclosure and RAID Subsystem solution.

3'C BRIDGE is distinguished by its unue (and extremely effective) approach to quality control, its exceptional emphasis on service, and provides its know-how to its customer, make them have a good SCSI solution.

A Company motto aspects of 3'C BRIDGE business operation, winning the loyalty of major OEM brands such as Hitachi and Philips. of major OEM brands such as Hitachi and Philips. Tracing the evolution of the compa s products line from External drive enclosure to RAID subsystem of today it is evident that our conception of enhances quality and technical support transcends any individual products .You can call them SCSI EXPERT.